What is the process?

What is the process to obtain a license through the IMLC?

1. Use the link “Apply Now” on this website to begin the process.

2. You’ll be asked to complete a short application form and submit it with an application fee of $700.00.  The application must contain the physician’s contact information to avoid delay or rejection.  You will need to supply the SPL with a scan of your fingerprints and any other items requested within 60 days of the date you applied or your application will be deemed withdrawn.

3. Your chosen State of Principal Licensure (SPL) will receive your application and contact you with instructions on obtaining fingerprints to execute a national criminal background check.  You have 60 days to complete your fingerprints and fulfill any requests the SPL may need or your application will be assumed withdrawn.  The SPL will verify your qualifications.

4. If you are found to be qualified the SPL will send you a Letter of Qualification . If you are not qualified, the SPL will notify you of the reason(s) that finding were made and what recourse you have to resolving any ineligibilities.  ALL notifications will be sent to the physician’s email on record.

5. You now are invited to select the IMLC Member States where you wish to be licensed and submit your license fees for those selections.

6. The Member States medical boards you selected will issue licenses to you at that time.

SPL Verification process: Along with reviewing your training and other qualifications, the Letter of Qualification process involves querying data banks and running a criminal history background check. As a result, it may take several weeks for your selected State of Principal License to complete this step. After you receive a Letter of Qualification, however, the process of issuing licenses in IMLC Member States usually takes only a few days.

Email inquiry@imlcc.net if you have further questions.